In My Family

Dear Carmen,

I read your story Easter Eggs in your book In My Family.  Your story and your beautiful pictures brought back a pretty memory when I was a child.   I remembered when we were kids, my mother, my grandmother, my sisters and I decorated Easter eggs.  My mother and my grandmother put blue, red, purple and green in the eggshells.  It was a lot of fun filling them with confetti.  Sometimes my younger sisters put oil and perfume inside the eggshells, that was funny.  When we broke the eggshells over their head they shouted with excitement.

Thank you so much, Carmen, for a pretty story about eggshells.  It brought to my mind a beautiful memory when I was a girl.




a part of my life

Volunteering at the literacy program has been a very important and enjoyable part of my life for the last 10 years!

It has me actively involved with other people, both students and other tutors.  I have been able to learn from my students about other foods, family traditions, holidays and challenges of entering and adapting to a different culture.

Most importantly, I have seen the courage, determination and effort students make to create a better future for themselves and their children as well as those of us who welcome them!



I participate in the literacy program because I want to learn more.  I want to communicate better with my daughters and in my daily life.

The class helps me to be confident, to see how much I can do!



It’s important to learn more

I participate in the literacy program because it’s important to learn more.  The program helps me in writing, reading and have conversations with other people.  Hopefully in the future, I will get a job.  Now I am able to make an effort in everything I do.

Thanks to all the teachers and the people who help.

Acela C.


My student, Vicenta,  works in the hospitality industry.  In addition to adding to her English vocabulary each week, we spend time practicing conversations she can use with both coworkers and guests.  What a wonderful story Vicenta had for me just before Christmas!  She was able to answer a guest’s questions about her job, and they conversed about each other’s children and grandchildren.  We are both so excited about the progress she is making in class!

Liz O’Connor


Happy Memories


When I was a little girl, my favorite holidays were in December.  We started with December 12, the day of our Lady of Guadalupe and my grandmother’s birthday.  Next, we celebrated Christmas and New Year.  These were the holidays that we celebrated most.  Many relatives came to my grandmother’s house for the celebration.  My grandmother, my aunts and my mother cooked big meals like tamales, pozole, birria and made special drinks like ponche.  I remember a New Year’s my aunts made piñatas and aguinaldos (goody bags) for the children.  We didn’t have electricity but on special days we could listen to music because my grandmother bought batteries for the radio.  They made something special about these holidays and they were special.  That’s how I remember them.

Julita A.