I am grateful with the Literacy Program because it has helped me learn more English and overall it is helping me obtain my GED.  Thank you to all the personnel and especially the volunteers!

Maria H.

This program helps me

The literacy program helps me to help my daughter and now I read books to my grandchildren.  I use English in my work. I can have conversation with my customers.  My goal is to speak, read and write very well.  When I first came to the program, I could speak no English and now I can talk to people and I have read 12 or more books in English!


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My Summer Adventure

My family moved to the United States five years ago when I was a freshman in high school. Last summer I went back to China for a two month vacation. I looked forward to seeing my family and friends. I especially looked forward to having “real Chinese food!”

Getting to China was so exciting. This is the first time I traveled by myself. Once I got through security I was on my own. I took care of my luggage on my own. When I got to Beijing I had to change planes all by myself. Finally I met my Aunt in my hometown. (I’m not telling you its name because you probably couldn’t say it.)  I felt so proud of myself for getting there on my own.

I found my city had changed a lot. There were better and fancier shopping malls, like South Coast Plaza. I had a lot of fun with my friends going to the shopping mall. Another thing that had changed was my middle school. They had totally rebuilt my school and now it looks really different. I couldn’t go visit because it was summertime and the school was closed.

I spent a good time with my family when I was in China. I really enjoyed my grandma’s cooking. That’s the flavors I remembered from my childhood. She is a really good cook. Now that I’m back in the United States, I really miss the food. Also, my mom came back to China too, after I got there. It was fun having her with me.

I really liked visiting my friend Behing Lin. We have been friends since we were nine years old. I met him whenever we could find time. When we hung out together, we talked a lot and shared food. It made me really happy to spend time with him. One thing he did was to help me out with my mom’s birthday. He delivered flowers to her for me that made my mom so happy. Something else I did was to visit my former singing teacher. I took lessons with her when I was younger in China. It was fun when we sang together at her house again.

During my vacation I learned a surprising skill. I went swimming with my friends and they teased me about looking like a turtle when I was swimming. My head was always out of the water. So I took swimming lessons to learn how to swim right. Now I am helping my friend become better. I really enjoy swimming now and I am so proud of myself.

by Michelle Wang

In my DNA

Loving to read is in my DNA. I can’t remember any time in my daily life where books weren’t playing an important role. Sharing that love has been a lifelong passion.

Fast forward to 2018: I’m three years retired from a past profession; I am now very happy to be a literacy volunteer for the Huntington Beach Public Library system at the Central Branch. As of 2016, I have had the honor of tutoring an extraordinary learner.

The Huntington Beach Literacy Specialists are dedicated to providing excellent tutor training seminars and resources, and they are always glad to provide assistance. Because of such a remarkable program, my first days with a learner weren’t quite so daunting. Now, at once a week for two hours, I feel so fortunate to be able to meet with my learner. Her desire to improve English pronunciation and reading-listening comprehension is most impressive.

It’s amazing how much fun even grammar, punctuation, and reading comprehension tasks can be, together with journaling, reading for pleasure, and competing games.

Yes, English may well be my native language, but I continue to be humbled by the many things I’m also learning alongside my wonderful learner.

Kathy L.

The Most Important Things in Our Lives

The most important things in our lives is a very interesting question. I decided to ask my family.

My husband answered that the most important things in his life are family, to have good health, work, and love and peace.

My older daughter answered that most important things for her in her life are family, school, and friends (her best friend is Jasmine).  My younger daughter answered that the cure for cancer was the most important for her.

After asking my family this question, I see that everyone has different perspectives in their lives depending on their age and experience.

Written by Patricia Calderon with help from her daughter.


An Important Part of My Life

I have been a volunteer literacy tutor now for over three years and the joy of helping people is still with me. During this time I have seen the tremendous positive effect that our volunteer work generates. In addition to inculcating the learners a new language we are also contributing to their development as citizens of a new country, foreign to them and sometimes intimidating.

I have observed that most learners lack the confidence of searching for better jobs because their language deficiencies. We, as literacy tutors, have the power to help them overcome those shortcomings.

I often ask my students to formulate three wishes for the purpose of discussion. Not surprisingly, they all want the same things: To learn English; to get a better job; to buy a big house. Some expressed the desire to have their own business. Imagine, that to some extent, as literacy tutors, we have the power to help them achieve their goals.

I feel privileged that I have been given the opportunity to participate in the culmination of these people’s dreams. I have made my volunteer work an important part of my life.

Robert L Ozibko

A letter to John Goy, author of Their Great Gift

Dear Mr. Goy

Hi Mr. Goy, I am Elizabeth. I am married, I have three kids and I am an immigrant in this country this is the reason why this book reminds of when I came here. When I was reading and looking at the pictures in the book Their Great Gift, I was feeling sad, and I continued to read and look at the pictures.  I stopped on every page and I was thinking about my past life. I was remembering when I came here for the first time. I was thinking that I would have a better life than I would have in my town in Mexico. It is true but you have to confront a lot of challenges, you need to know how to be involved in this big country.

I will never forget how afraid I was one day when my son was two years old.  He had a doctor’s appointment and I needed to take a bus because I didn’t have a car and I didn’t know how to drive. When I was in the doctor’s office the person in charge on the front desk told me,   “Your son is not registered with this office.  You need to go to CHOC children’s hospital.”  I got the bus again in two different  streets.  When I was there the medical assistant asked me if I have time to wait because my baby didn’t have an appointment and there were a lot of people. After I was waiting, one patient talked to me and she advised me to take the bus before nine o’clock pm because it’s the last one. I was very sad and scared because my baby was sick, but for that moment I was thinking about how to return back home. After that I decided to leave the hospital and I was lost because I was walking a lot in the hospital to try to find the office and I didn’t know how to get out. I was confused on the direction. I asked some people but they didn’t understand me because I spoke in Spanish. Finally I found a bus stop. I got the bus and I was thinking about my long trip for nothing.

This life lesson made my husband and me think about saving money to buy a car because we worried for my baby’s future appointments . This was one of a lot of challenges that I had to confront in this big country.

I do not understand why you decided to named this book Their Great Gift when you wrote sad words and showed sad pictures. I was looking back at my life in this country but also I can see the story in a good way because I had sad experiences but also I have good gifts from this country.  I’m very grateful because its given me a lot of good things especially my three kids.  They were born here and I try to advise them how to have good behavior and how to develop in this country.  My oldest son is a dental assistant, my daughter is in college and my baby son is in high school. They are my reason to still work.

I have been continuing to fight for their dreams and my dream too. I have been studying English to get a better job.  Before, I lived in a not very good community and I lived with a strange family and I needed to share a kitchen and bathroom.  Now I live only with my family in a safe neighborhood.  When my husband was younger, he was a dishwasher but later he got a good opportunity to work on electrical assistant and now he is an electrician and he has a good job.  Finally!! I can drive and I have a car. So all the time someone has to sacrifice for your family, in this case my husband and I, because we are the first generation in this country. But I don’t care how much work I have to do because I hope one day my kids will have a better Great Gift in their lives.


Elizabeth Perez

In My Family

Dear Carmen,

I read your story Easter Eggs in your book In My Family.  Your story and your beautiful pictures brought back a pretty memory when I was a child.   I remembered when we were kids, my mother, my grandmother, my sisters and I decorated Easter eggs.  My mother and my grandmother put blue, red, purple and green in the eggshells.  It was a lot of fun filling them with confetti.  Sometimes my younger sisters put oil and perfume inside the eggshells, that was funny.  When we broke the eggshells over their head they shouted with excitement.

Thank you so much, Carmen, for a pretty story about eggshells.  It brought to my mind a beautiful memory when I was a girl.




a part of my life

Volunteering at the literacy program has been a very important and enjoyable part of my life for the last 10 years!

It has me actively involved with other people, both students and other tutors.  I have been able to learn from my students about other foods, family traditions, holidays and challenges of entering and adapting to a different culture.

Most importantly, I have seen the courage, determination and effort students make to create a better future for themselves and their children as well as those of us who welcome them!