Congratulations to Our Board Members!!!

Read Bios of our Newly Elected Board Members:

Ray Ward:

After 35+ years in Project Management in heavy construction and aerospace, I retired and am living the life! In the short time that I have served on the Board with Literacy Volunteers, it has added even more meaning to my life by participating with people who help adults become literate, improve their self-esteem, and be able to help their children in school.

Tom Clanin: 

I am a longtime newspaper editor who received several awards while news editor at the Daily Pilot in Costa Mesa. I was also a professor at Cal State Fullerton, where I retired in 2016. I enjoy travel, reading, theater, crossword puzzles and scotch. I live in Huntington Beach not far from the Central Library with my cat, Isis (named for the Egyptian goddess, not the terrorist group, although she can be a terror at times).

Kristen Bitgood: 

Nothing gave me greater joy as a mother than reading to and with my children. The love of reading starts with parents at home, so I am passionate about teaching adults to read. I love inspiring others to reach their potential and believe learning to read is the best place to start. Serving as a literacy tutor and board member is an honor that is near and dear to my heart.  

Sheila Thomas:

I am a lifelong learner and educator.  I have always loved to read, and feel the library is the heart of any city.  I am committed to helping others succeed, especially through the literacy program. 

Bob Madison:

I am a former communications executive turned writer. I have written everything from magazine articles, blogposts, television documentaries, nonfiction books, cookbooks, an upcoming novel, and even … trading cards. I think literacy is the key to everything.

Read Bios of our Returning Board Members:

Ned Lazaro: 

I taught history and government at Rio Hondo College for 40 years, have taught citizenship classes for HBPL Literacy Volunteers since 2017, and have been a member of the Literacy Volunteers Board since 2018.

Dionne Cox: 

I am a 2nd term President committed to literacy for 25 years. When I visited China, I got a very small glimpse of a world in which I could not read or understand the language. Our learners are acquiring the knowledge that gives them the power they need in their homes, at work, and socially to succeed for what we take for granted.

Walaa Louka:

I started with the Literacy department about eight years ago. I still meet with my tutor, but now I also am an active volunteer and Board member. I like to use my skills to help with graphics design items when I can. I also like speaking to new learners so they know they can learn, like I did.

Raquel Guzman:

When I first joined the Literacy department in 2013 as an Adult Learner, I wanted to improve my English so I could talk with my son and his friends, connect more with my boss, and read many things. Today I own my own balloon business and am on the Board. This program has supported me to achieve my goals. I am happy to continue supporting literacy.

Jacquie McAniff:

After two years of tutoring, I added to my commitment by joining the Board. My entire experience with literacy has been fabulous. The Board is the engine that makes tutoring, citizenship class, and high school graduates possible. We on the Board have the responsibility of fundraising for all these programs. I feel so valuable after all my efforts with literacy.

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