Literacy Volunteers-HBPL Orientation


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Literacy Volunteers at Huntington Beach Public Library. Every year we help hundreds of adults learn English, increase their ability to communicate using the written word, and improve their lives. This would not be possible without a team of dedicated volunteers, like you.

By completing this volunteer orientation online, you are taking your first step in becoming a literacy volunteer! You will learn about Literacy Volunteers-HBPL literacy services at both Central Library and Oak View Branch Library. Additionally, you will become familiar with who we are, explore the commitment needed by literacy volunteers, and discover what it is like working with an adult literacy learner.

Upon successful completion of both the orientation and the in-person workshop, you will be matched with an adult learner and asked to tutor them approximately 2 hours per week. You must be at least 24 years of age in order to tutor other adults through this program.

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Sabrina Rosengren, Literacy Coordinator, Central Library. 

Akemi Royer, Literacy Coordinator, Oak View Branch Library.