Looking at the Blue Sky

Last week I was angry and I went to the park and when I was in the middle of the trees looking at the blue sky I felt grateful to God, especially for my healthy family.  At the same time, I think what do we want at this difficult moment?  Everyone has a limit.  What is my limit at this time?  After this I was myself, at peace.

By Maribet

Life these days…

In the mornings we go to the park.  We’ve started to walk for better health.  I saw a man and he looks angry because somebody hit his blue car.  We just keep walking and we ran to the limit of the path.  It was a long, hot day but I feel grateful because my family has their health and good people exist like my teacher Jackie.

By Filemon


The classes help me a lot because now I understand more than before. Now I can speak with other people who don’t speak Spanish. My accomplished is I read to my little daughter. I hope for my future to have my GED diploma.


A better life with more opportunities by Celia

I was born in a small town in Guanaguato, Mexico. The name of this place is Cerrito de Agua Caliente. It was a very poor town, but I was very happy there. I got married when I was nineteen years old. My husband and I moved to Huntington Beach, CA which had a big impact on my life. I was so young and I missed my family. I cried and felt sad all the time. As time passed, I got pregnant three times. Every time I had a child, I suffered from depression. It was a very bad time, but thanks to this sickness I am a new person – stronger and more confident. I now have and know a lot of people who are part of this change, including my brother and sisters, God, my tutor and Amy. Now I have a job. I feel happy to help my husband. Even though I have had a difficult time, I am grateful that my kids were born in California, so they can have a better life with more careers.

Literacy is all about learner goals. One of Celia’s literacy goals is to be able to express herself in writing. She and her tutor are very pleased with her progress!

Believe in your dreams

If you believe in your dreams, make sure you work for the dreams in your life. I don’t know what you are looking for in your search. Believe in yourself and you can make your life great. I like learning because the more you know you can appreciate what you have.

R. Castro

I participate in the Literacy Program

The literacy program has tutors and people who help too. I go to the Literacy Program because I need to learn more English, writing, reading, speaking and pronunciation and conversation with other people when I need anything.

In the future I will get GED Certificate and a job.

Thanks to all the tutors and the people who help.