Learner Writing: Dream


By: Nancy Hsun-Hui Wu

I like children, so I teach Chinese at a Yulin Chinese school. The children are innocent, lively, and cute. When I see their progress in learning Chinese. I’m filled with happiness!

I hope my students can use Chinese and English more to make friends from Taiwan. I hope that students can get to know their friends by writing letters to their pen pals. Nowadays, computers and electronics are so developed that people rarely write letters.

So I hope that through this course, the children on both sides can improve their second language learning and make good friends from different countries. Of course, I hope my English can improve to help the children on both sides.

The library Literacy program is very good, very helpful to my English study. I want to get feedback. I hope I can volunteer in the library to teach children Chinese and meet friends from my country. I hope my dreams can come true!

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