My student, Vicenta,  works in the hospitality industry.  In addition to adding to her English vocabulary each week, we spend time practicing conversations she can use with both coworkers and guests.  What a wonderful story Vicenta had for me just before Christmas!  She was able to answer a guest’s questions about her job, and they conversed about each other’s children and grandchildren.  We are both so excited about the progress she is making in class!

Liz O’Connor


Happy Memories


When I was a little girl, my favorite holidays were in December.  We started with December 12, the day of our Lady of Guadalupe and my grandmother’s birthday.  Next, we celebrated Christmas and New Year.  These were the holidays that we celebrated most.  Many relatives came to my grandmother’s house for the celebration.  My grandmother, my aunts and my mother cooked big meals like tamales, pozole, birria and made special drinks like ponche.  I remember a New Year’s my aunts made piñatas and aguinaldos (goody bags) for the children.  We didn’t have electricity but on special days we could listen to music because my grandmother bought batteries for the radio.  They made something special about these holidays and they were special.  That’s how I remember them.

Julita A.

My Appreciation for the Literacy Program

I am grateful for having the opportunity to improve my English language through this great Literacy Program at Huntington Beach Library. I am aware that there are several wonderful human beings involved in this project. All of them are moved by their desire to help others, particularly Tutors who put in their time, energy and resources to meet perfect strangers and do all in their power to help them to improve their language skills.

These volunteers know that by participating in this program they are contributing to achieve their students’ goals in the United States and in return they can be more productive and useful to the society. And there is a universal truth, “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” (Jesus’ words). So, I’m sure that they feel this way.

Personally, I am absolutely grateful to the Literacy Department at the Library in the city of Huntington Beach and especially to Naomi, my Tutor, for her altruism and patience in doing this excellent work.

Thank you all,

Rosario Calderon


It is very rewarding to work with my two students in the literacy program.  I enjoy using my teaching skills and watching their progress.  Working with them has made me more aware of the challenges they face in our community.  It makes me happy to be able to help.



So glad to be part of the Literacy Program

I am so glad to be part of the Literacy Program because I improve my communication in English – talking and understanding.  When I feel not know anything, I make myself continue to learn more and not give up.  My teacher always tells me “You did a wonderful job”  or “You did beautifully.”  These words make me feel I can speak English.

Thank you Library Literacy Program