Martha Valencia’s Memories

By Martha

I was born in a small town named La Calera, Jalisco, México, and my most beautiful memories of my childhood are in that small town. I grew up with my parents and my 5 siblings, and we lived in a small house with a room and a kitchen. That means we all slept in the same room. I can’t forget the kitchen, because my mother prepared delicious food there; delicious handmade tortillas on the fire. We had no electricity, we used petroleum lamps, and we didn’t have TV.

Our hobbies were playing hide, jump the rope and things like that. We walked to school, and all the cousins and their parents lived in the same town. We all knew each other and we all went to the same church.

I remember the schoolyard because there was the flag and also I saw the
typical dances for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Many images, smells, and
flavors are in my mind and my heart.

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