The Day of the Dead in My Pueblo

By Guadalupe Torres

My pueblo is very small but has a very long name, San Diego, la Mesa, Tochimiltcingo, and we celebrate dia de muertos. The day begins on October 28th, and an offering is made to those who were murdered. The offering consist of: a glass of water, fruit, bread, chocolate, mole, candles and flowers that are placed on a table. On the first of November, an offering is made to the children, they are given bread that is made at home and is in the shape of a child, water, sweets, candles and white flowers. November 2nd is All Saints’ Day. Bread is made with the name of the deceased and it is put in the offering along with chocolate, water, mole, bean tamales, fruit, candles and marigold flowers. Photos of the deceased are also posted, and flowers are brought to the pantheon (or cemetery) and graves are adorned.

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