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Dear Juana Medina,

I have to thank you because I enjoyed reading your book, Juana and Lucas very much.  When I started to read the book, I loved the way you spell the name Juana who-ah-nah.  The way that you describe Bogota makes me feel like I have been there before.  Like Juana, I enjoy reading in the night.  She had Lucas with her and I enjoyed reading along.

Friendship for Juana is very important.  Juli and her talk a lot and always get a lot of fun together which reminds me about my friend Evelyn and me.  We are very close.  Juana’s life was like my life because like Juana, I moved from Puerta Vallarta to Rosarito where I met very good friends.  Juana has trouble learning English and I have the same problem, too.  In the book, her mother is the most important person in her life.  Her mother is always there for her.  Like my mother is there for me.  She has also her tia Cris. She is her favorite aunt of all aunts.  I hope like Juana, I want to have a favorite aunt.  I feel sad because I don’t have an aunt like that.

Her abue (grandfather) is an excellent abue.  He is funny and very smart.  That reminds me of good times with my grandparents.  My Abuelo was a carpenter.  He always made me wood toys.

For Juana, Spaceland was her motivation to get better grades.  For me, I want to be able to speak and read better English.  Learning another language is hard, but every day I try my best to get better English.  Your book helped me to try my best to learn English.

Thank you Juana Medina for your wonderful book.



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