Writer to Writer

Writer to Writer is a unique writing challenge through the Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN). Writer to Writer invites adult literacy learners to write a letter to an author whose writing has changed the way they think about life. A group of learners from Literacy Volunteers-HBPL participated in the challenge this year. We hope you enjoy some of their letters!

Dear Mr. Gary Chapman,

I read your book The Five Love Languages of Teenagers and I want to say that this is a wonderful book.  This book is having a good impact on me.  It’s taught me many things, like how parents focus more on the errors of their teenagers and the parents forget to give affirmation words.  Parents are hurting who they most love.  Parents and teenagers both battle with each other and both end up hurt.  Another thing that as parents we forget to do is the right thing when the teenager makes mistakes.  Love your teenager when they fail.  This book helped me understand my teenager.  My relationship with my daughter now is better.  I’m trying to be a better mother following the advice from this book. 

The next book that I’m reading is The five Love Languages of Children.  Then I hope I can read The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts.  I think both books are great.  Overall, thank you for writing this kind of book Mr. Gary Chapman.  I learned a lot.  This book was very helpful.  My daughter and I became friends but sometimes I have to remind her I’m her mother.


J. A.

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