My Career Change by Mina Park

If someone were to ask you, “Are you happy now?” what would be your answer?  A few months ago, my friend asked me the same question. I suddenly realized – “No, I am not happy!”

I came here seven years ago from my country and I worked really hard for the last five years at a bank. I worked without any passion.  I was just working like a machine.  I had no regrets but I wanted to be happy.  So, I decided to find another job that would make me happy.

Now, I am a Care Giver.  In-home Support Service includes a wide range of services to meet individual needs and assist eligible persons with disabilities to live safely at home.  This job seems to fit my personality.  I want to support my clients from the bottom of my heart.  I am currently taking care of four people.  They need my service and we get along with each other.  I treat them as if they are my parents.  They also treat me like family, and always wait for my visit.  Above all, a good point is that I am able to help someone in need.  Even though my salary decreased, I feel better than before.  Maybe this work will be hard for me, but I don’t regret my decision to change jobs.

These days I spend time doing things that make me happy.  If someone asks me, “Are you happy?” I’m certainly sure my answer is “I am very happy nowadays!”

Mina Park

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