This was my chance!

Martha came into the literacy office this morning excited to tell us great news.  Last week, she heard from a friend that a new restaurant was hiring.  She went to apply and discovered that none of the staff spoke Spanish.  “I filled out the application in English and they called me in for an interview.  I was able to speak with them in English.  They hired me and that day I started working!  I am so happy!

Martha told us how much she appreciates the literacy program and our literacy tutors because she was able to fill out the application and do the interview in English, something she would never have been able to do before.  Her co-workers do not speak Spanish so she will have the opportunity to use English at work and she couldn’t be happier.

Go Literacy and Go Martha!

I Love this Library!

I love this library because I come every Wednesday to take my English class.  This class helps me a lot for my daily life.  I can communicate with doctors, teachers, therapists, follow directions and many more things.

Thanks Mrs. Susan, you are very special for me!


My Career Change by Mina Park

If someone were to ask you, “Are you happy now?” what would be your answer?  A few months ago, my friend asked me the same question. I suddenly realized – “No, I am not happy!”

I came here seven years ago from my country and I worked really hard for the last five years at a bank. I worked without any passion.  I was just working like a machine.  I had no regrets but I wanted to be happy.  So, I decided to find another job that would make me happy.

Now, I am a Care Giver.  In-home Support Service includes a wide range of services to meet individual needs and assist eligible persons with disabilities to live safely at home.  This job seems to fit my personality.  I want to support my clients from the bottom of my heart.  I am currently taking care of four people.  They need my service and we get along with each other.  I treat them as if they are my parents.  They also treat me like family, and always wait for my visit.  Above all, a good point is that I am able to help someone in need.  Even though my salary decreased, I feel better than before.  Maybe this work will be hard for me, but I don’t regret my decision to change jobs.

These days I spend time doing things that make me happy.  If someone asks me, “Are you happy?” I’m certainly sure my answer is “I am very happy nowadays!”

Mina Park

I want to learn!

Learners at Oak View recently wrote why they joined the literacy program and why they continue.  One learner shared:

I want to learn English because is important for many things for me.  I like speak more English for my job and sometimes I need to help my daughter with her homework and I like this program because they help everybody for many things and always help me when I need something.


New Job!

This story was submitted by James’ tutor.  The names have been changed to protect privacy.

James was asked to apply for a job, which he would not do, preferring to keep his current job rather than risk completing an application. An additional 5 months went by, and the company asked him again to apply. Confident with his increased literacy skills and encouraged by his tutor, Susan, James interviewed for the job. He is happy in his new position!

If you give a mother a book…

give a mouse

Amelia and her tutor have been reading children’s books in their tutoring sessions.  Recently, Amelia took If You Give a Mouse a Cookie home and after reading it with her daughter Natalie, Natalie turned and said “Thank you for reading this book to me!”  Amelia and her tutor were so happy.

Recipe to Educate My Daughters By Yhobana Ramos


  • 10 teaspoons of love
  • 2 cups of confidence
  • 2 ½ tablespoons  of communication
  • 1 teaspoon of humor
  • 3 cups of patience
  • 1 cup of creativity sprinkles
  • 2 spoons of respect


Combine love and confidence.  Mix deeply with respect and patience.  Add Communication and humor.  Cook the rest of the creativity sprinkles and lots of love.

Servings everyday:  One plate of love, confidence, communication, humor, patience, creativity sprinkles and spoons of respect.


I began tutoring in 2006. Since that time I have tutored three different learners. Each came from a different country and culture. Each had different skills and needs in the English language. Each had a unique story. The one thing that they had in common was a strong desire to improve themselves.

My life is much richer because I have had the opportunity to tutor and I know that my learners always teach me more than I teach them.