I have been volunteering at the Huntington Beach Library Literacy Program since May 2005. I taught English as a Second Language for five years. I stopped teaching when my twenty five year old daughter was young so I could stay home with her full time.

When my daughter was in High School, I wanted to get back into teaching English to immigrants in some capicity. When I found the Literacy Program at the library, it seemed like a perfect fit.

I have enjoyed my learners very much. I have enjoyed watching their progress and attaining their goals over the years. I always learn a lot from them as well.

Alicia  came to the United States from China two years ago. I started working with her in May 2012. She is a very hard worker.  She has taken several ESL classes at Coastline Community College and has done quite well.  Alicia took an English class at Orange Coast College this summer. The other students in the class were native English speakers. Alicia received a A in the class. I am very proud of her and her progress. I enjoy working with her.


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