I’m from Colombia; I graduated with a registered nurse degree in May, 2012. So when I moved here, my English was not good enough and I took the Adult Literacy program, first to improve my English and then because I decided to advance in my career in the United States.

I want people to know it is very important and helpful, the Adult Literacy program. They help me meet my goals. Whatever dream I have, they prepare me for the “real world.”

I remember my first goal in 2013 was to obtain a library card and check out a book (Human Anatomy). I can’t believe how I felt in this moment, so intimidated, but one of the principal persons behind me was my tutor (Jan). She gave me the confidence to talk with the people and I appreciate that.

One of the things I like about her, she is enthusiastic about teaching me and pays attention to whatever I have to ask. She helps me too with my writing, grammar, speaking, listening, pronunciation and a litany of things.

I have spent almost 1½ years at the Adult Literacy program and these are all my goals I have accomplished:

Obtain a library card

Obtain a driver’s license

Attend Coastline College and Huntington Beach Adult School

Find a part time job at a store, caregiver (child and elderly person)

Open a bank account

Job interviews

Be a volunteer at Huntington Beach Hospital

Obtaining First Aid and CPR/AED certification

Reading history books, important authors of United States and nursing books

Reading newspapers (News for You)

Be a part of physicians from Latin America

Open an account on Craigslist, etc.

I recommend this place because the people working in the Literacy program are very friendly and kind. It’s a very comfortable environment for studying, peaceful and the location is also great because it is close to the gorgeous Central Park.

To be in this program is to be “pleased as punch.”

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