My name is Ranya. I came from Egypt.  I’m married and have three kids.  I have been here in the United States since 2006.  I joined the literacy Program in 2013.

First, I joined the Conversation class on Thursdays.  It is so useful for me.  It encourages me to speak English without being shy or afraid of making mistakes.  I felt that I’m not alone.  It helped me a lot.  The staff in this program are wonderful and so friendly.  They encourage me a lot.

Second, I started my tutoring classes with Jennifer.  She is amazing person.  She always answers my questions.  She encourages me to talk, read and write English continuously.  Every class she brings a lot of materials to study together.

Now, I feel so much better.  I can go shopping and speak English with my neighbors.  I also can speak with teachers and the parents in my children’s school.

Finally, I encourage everyone in my church to join this program.  It is so useful and it is for free.  It made a big difference in my English and my whole life.

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