Susan, Tutor since December 2013

Why did you become an Adult Literacy Tutor?

Julie H., a tutor, is the person who told me all about the program.  I possess a Multiple Subject Life Credential, but have been on a 15 year maternity leave.  I had always planned to go back to teaching when my kids were in school, but there were no jobs at the time.  Volunteering at my kids’ elementary school helped keep me current in education, but now they’re in middle and high school where volunteers aren’t needed as much.  Julie is a friend from exercise class who often talked about the Adult Literacy program and how fun it was working with adults.  She finally convinced me to go through the training.  It was a condensed version of the teaching program with only the highlights and people who wanted to be there as volunteers!  It was the perfect class and a positive atmosphere!  No special skills or teaching experiences were needed.  Diane Moseley, our instructor, matchmaker, and “boss”, matched me with Raquel Guzman who happened to have the same schedule and hobbies as I do.  I tutor once a week for 2 hours while my kids are in school and we meet at the Central Library.

Raquel doesn’t drive and will ride her bike, ask family for a ride, or catch the bus just to get to our tutoring sessions.  She’s a dedicated and motivated student!

This is turning out to be the best experience for me as a tutor and a mom as I try to raise two teenagers who only grunt.  Raquel enjoys coming and practices her English at the beginning of each session when we talk about our families.  She proudly tells me about Ricardo and gives me advice since her son is now 20 and doing really well in college and as a Tae Kwon Do instructor.  Her husband, Pedro, helps her practice her English, vocabulary and ELA stories.  The whole family supports her and has volunteered at Adult Literacy events.  It’s the perfect world for me as I feel appreciated as a tutor and am able to use my experiences as a teacher!

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