Alicia’s Story

My name is Yan Zhou (Alicia), and I have been in America for almost two years. When I first came here, I did not know about the Literacy Program. Fortunately, my classmates in the Huntington Beach Adult School told me about it, so I could have the chance to join it. It is a very helpful program, and all the tutors who work here are willing to help every person. The relationship between tutors and learners are beyond teachers and students; they look more like close friends. We share our experiences, tell about our problems, and learn about different cultures. To me, the Literacy Program helps me improve my English quickly, but also impresses me by the remarkable American culture – volunteer. Now, I am a volunteer in the Literacy department even though I just come here to help check books. However, helping people is one of the most wonderful things in my life, and I find that I want to do more of it. I have gradually changed, and it is good for me.

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