Welcome to 30 days of literacy!


Happy 30th Anniversary California State Library Literacy Services (CLLS) whose mission is to enable Californians of all ages to reach their literacy goals and use library services effectively.  Did you know that over 20,000 adults in California were reached by library based literacy programs last year?  These adults met diverse goals such as reading the newspaper, helping children with homework, reading medical information, getting jobs, learning to use email, improving job skills, reading a bedtime story to a child and so much more.

In celebration of CLLS’s 30th anniversary and the library based literacy programs it created and nurtured, we will be posting stories and testimonials from adult learners and volunteer tutors who make up the vibrant programs of Literacy Volunteers-Huntington Beach Library, one of the original programs funded by CLLS.  Scroll down to read all about us!

Thank you for visiting our blog and remember, if you can read this, you may be able to help someone else learn to read it, too.

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