Unexpected! Learning to Read.

By Ernesto     

      I learned to read an unbelievable book that I was able to share with my children. The title of the book was A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. It is about how a young boy and a young girl overcome their own obstacles when their country of Sudan is in a war. The suspense in the writing was really clear to help me understand the story.  I wanted to keep reading after each chapter. 

The separate stories and the characters always kept me thinking about how my life in some small ways relates to their experiences.  I never stop to think about how people in other countries live and these characters helped me to think about what is happening in other countries.  This is the first book that I have really read and understood.  I shared it with my kids and we talked about the book and it made me feel good about myself. The things that I learned I am trying to pass it on to my boy as it opened my mind about how to enjoy a book. I never thought reading would be enjoyable.

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