My Baby Doll

When I was a child like a six or seven years old, I wished with all my heart for a doll with long hair but I thought that was impossible. I asked my mother if she could buy me one but she didn’t want to! I never lost hope and I was thinking how can I get it. My only opportunity to get my doll was that the Wise Men were approaching. Who are the Wise Men? They are like a Santa Claus. So I prayed and I asked them; “I want only one thing with all my heart a doll with long hair”.

The night when the Wise Men were coming was so long and I didn’t want to go to sleep because I was waiting for the Wise Men. Later I fell asleep but I woke up as early as possible. I ran to the Christmas tree to get and comb my doll’s  hair but they didn’t bring me a doll with long hair, they brought me a bald doll. I started to cry and complain about it. “Why did the wise men bring me this bald doll? I promise!! I will never love and believe in them!! I will never forget this big pain in my heart when I got the bald doll. I was very angry and sad and I threw it over the roof. When my mother found out what I did she hit and scolded me and she yelled at me, “Why did you throw it over the roof? Tell me!” With tears in my eyes and broken a heart …. I asked her a question too, “why did the Wise Men bring the doll with long hair to my sisters but not me! Why”? I was crying and I hugged her legs, “please tell me”!!! but she never responded my question. Now I don’t know why she didn’t answer my question because now I know my parents are the Wise Men. Today I don’t have the courage to ask her why she did because she is old and I love her with all my heart.

Many years later, when I got married, I told my husband about it and one day he wanted to surprise me and he gave me a doll with long hair.  He broke my heart and I started to cry again because he made me remember bad memories. Years later, I am the happiest woman in the world because my dream has come true. When I was twenty five years old God gave me a real beautiful baby doll. I will never forget the day that I met her for the first time, I touch her little hands, her little body, her beautiful lips she was so cute and all of her was perfect and fragile. I couldn’t believe that she was a girl because I never knew it during my pregnancy. I started to cry but this time the happiest cry. I talk to her about my story and she knows that she is my beautiful DOLL WITH LONG HAIR.

By Elizabeth Perez

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