In my DNA

Loving to read is in my DNA. I can’t remember any time in my daily life where books weren’t playing an important role. Sharing that love has been a lifelong passion.

Fast forward to 2018: I’m three years retired from a past profession; I am now very happy to be a literacy volunteer for the Huntington Beach Public Library system at the Central Branch. As of 2016, I have had the honor of tutoring an extraordinary learner.

The Huntington Beach Literacy Specialists are dedicated to providing excellent tutor training seminars and resources, and they are always glad to provide assistance. Because of such a remarkable program, my first days with a learner weren’t quite so daunting. Now, at once a week for two hours, I feel so fortunate to be able to meet with my learner. Her desire to improve English pronunciation and reading-listening comprehension is most impressive.

It’s amazing how much fun even grammar, punctuation, and reading comprehension tasks can be, together with journaling, reading for pleasure, and competing games.

Yes, English may well be my native language, but I continue to be humbled by the many things I’m also learning alongside my wonderful learner.

Kathy L.

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