An Important Part of My Life

I have been a volunteer literacy tutor now for over three years and the joy of helping people is still with me. During this time I have seen the tremendous positive effect that our volunteer work generates. In addition to inculcating the learners a new language we are also contributing to their development as citizens of a new country, foreign to them and sometimes intimidating.

I have observed that most learners lack the confidence of searching for better jobs because their language deficiencies. We, as literacy tutors, have the power to help them overcome those shortcomings.

I often ask my students to formulate three wishes for the purpose of discussion. Not surprisingly, they all want the same things: To learn English; to get a better job; to buy a big house. Some expressed the desire to have their own business. Imagine, that to some extent, as literacy tutors, we have the power to help them achieve their goals.

I feel privileged that I have been given the opportunity to participate in the culmination of these people’s dreams. I have made my volunteer work an important part of my life.

Robert L Ozibko

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