HBPD Citizens Academy

Last fall, several learners signed up for Huntington Beach Police Department’s Citizens Academy and wrote about their experience:

My name is Tomas.  I am very happy for this great experience to know about the job that the police perform.  I can see how little I knew about police work based on what I saw on television shows and movies.  I have learned the big heart that people have who work as police officers.  I want to thank them so much for opening the doors to each of us because we have discovered how the police work and we changed the concepts we had about them.  Today, I notice everything they do and why they do it.  Investigations are very interesting.  They showed us how to get fingerprints, find evidence and the equipment they use, uniforms and camaras they have and their experience on patrols. Everything has been excellent and we’ve learned a lot but most of all that we can all work together to live without fear and in unity for the good of the whole community.

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