English is Improving My Life

I have been in the Literacy Program for 8 years.  I feel very happy with all I learned and because of that my life is becoming easier.

When I started in the program I hardly spoke English.  I did understand, but I was afraid to speak.  Today I can have a conversation with an English speaker and I feel comfortable speaking.  The writing is my problem, but my tutor is trying her best to teach me.  I’m sure I will be improving.  It will take me a little longer, but I will get it.

When I started to learn English, one of my personal goals was one day to become my own boss, and today I have achieved my goal.  I have my own business.  Some of my customers are English speaking people.

My family life has improved so much.  Today I do not depend on my kids or any one to do something that involves English.  I can do it.  I feel proud of myself.

I want to thank all the people who make this program possible because this program changed my life and other people’s lives, too. I want to especially thank my tutor, Mrs. Marilyn.  She is the best.  She is very patient.  I love how she teaches us.

Marisela Antonio

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