Adult Literacy Volunteers-HBPL

In the United States, an estimated 30 million adults can only read at a fifth grade level or lower. Literacy Volunteers-HBPL identifies and works with adults in our area who need to improve basic literacy skills.

Literacy Volunteers-HBPL is a service of Huntington Beach Public Library with a rich history of providing adult literacy services for the community. The program was originally an affiliate of a national organization called Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA), which was founded by Ruth Colvin in Syracuse, New York, in 1963. Our local chapter was established in 1984 by Linda D. Light as part of a state-wide California initiative, California Library Literacy Services. In addition to our Central Library location, the Oak View Literacy program is a key service offered to the community. We are an affiliate of ProLiteracy, which has 1,200 affiliates in the United States and 35 countries worldwide.

Read and Explore

Read ProLiteracy’s Adult Literacy Facts.

Read ProLiteracy’s What We Do.

Read the 2020 Report to the State Legislature on California Library Literacy and English Acquisition Services Program.

Homework: Reflect on these questions and submit your answers in the form below.

  • What are some issues that you think are most pressing for adults with low-literacy skills?
  • Write at least 3 things that caught your attention when exploring ProLiteracy or the California Library Literacy and English Acquisition Services Program: Report to the Legislature.

Step two: Volunteer Tutors